Go To Market Consulting for Purpose Driven OrgANIZATIONS

Who We Are


We  are a purpose driven business

 consultancy with expertise in go-to-market strategies and implementation success.  

We equip organizations to accelerate results.   

We have led go-to-market initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, new ventures, non-profits, and municipalities to deliver results. We know what works -- and what doesn't. 

In many ways, we serve as your 

"go to market sherpa."  We can help you navigate the difficult challenges of delivering results while implementing new strategies, programs, services, partnerships or companies.  

 We walk with you in this journey, bringing  proven methodologies, tools, and insights. 

 We want to work with you to  help you implement these strategies 

more confidently. 




While some consultants specialize in

  strategy and others specialize in various aspects of implementation, 

we uniquely serve as a bridge to help you to rigorously link your new strategy to your 

go to market execution. 

We  focus on helping you systematically anticipate the needs of your organization and front line, as well as your customers.  

By extending  your capacity and expertise 

at this critical inflection point, we help you accomplish your new strategy while building  your team’s skills and confidence 

along the way. 

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Susan  Schramm, 

Founder and Principal

Go To Market Impact LLC

Consultant, keynote speaker and interim executive, Susan Schramm has helped hundreds of leaders in businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and faith-based organizations successfully accelerate revenues 

and positive outcomes for employees, 

customers, and communities. 

Susan has held executive roles with Nokia, Siemens, Viavi, and IBM, and served on 

boards of non-profits including the the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), and the YMCA. 

Susan serves as keynote speaker for industry, educational, leadership development and community programs.

Susan Schramm


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