Our Clients ARE Making An Impact


 “I had great fun today talking to you about SaraniaSat and my dreams and objectives for the company. I was very happy that you got what I was trying to accomplish right away. Thank you very much for your sage and practical advice, I will try to implement it as best I can. The “Hi-Tech Sherpa” moniker is well deserved!

             Tom George, CEO, SaraniaSat 


"Susan is an engaging speaker that balances thought-provoking insights with ideas for practical application and next steps. She takes theoretical concepts and synthesizes them in a way that makes them practically applicable. Our students always enjoy her lectures, and give Susan high marks for relevance…and for fun!

Irina Kopaneva, Professor 

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs


"Our association improves 9-1-1 through advocacy and research, standards development, training and education, outreach and events. Susan helps us step back and see the myriad of things we're doing more strategically. She helps us listen and synthesize the many diverse perspectives, and implement practical next steps for our members and public safety." 

Brian Fontes, CEO

NENA, The 9-1-1 Association 


"Susan Schramm inspired everyone at the conference -and reminded everyone why we are in the sector."

Rebecca Jones, Managing Partner at 

Dysart & Jones Associates 



"Our organization accelerates innovation by bringing together military, industry and university leaders. Susan Schramm helped us think through our end-to-end approach, and define pragmatic 

ways  to bring programs to market."

Erin Miller, Director of Business Development

Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization  


“Susan is enthusiastic in her efforts to address the unique needs of her clients.  She went above and beyond to make sure she met our requirements (and more)!"

KiMar Gartman

Air Force CyberWorx CTRAC Program Manager