Go to Market Support that Accelerates Your Impact

It Starts with Positioning

Message To Move People To ACTION

Message To Move People To ACTION


Whether you're introducing a new strategy, new offerings, going after a new market, or creating  a new company -- 

our proven methodologies, tools and insights  can help you mitigate your go to market risk and accelerate your impact. Leveraging a proven process that starts with your customer, we help you rigorously connect the dots between strategy and execution. 

Getting your 

strategic positioning right. 

Who are you? Why do you matter?

With a step-by-step framework, we help you  establish a clear and differentiated position in the marketplace. Your positioning is the foundation for a brand promise that is believable to your employees and partners as well as to  your customers. 

We work with you to bring your positioning to life by helping you connect activities, roles and communication internally and externally to ensure you can deliver. Building a branding and marketing strategy based upon a relevant strategic position ensures faster market momentum. 


Message To Move People To ACTION

Message To Move People To ACTION

Message To Move People To ACTION


The most powerful tool you have

 to accelerate results is a clear differentiated message  that moves people to action. 

We start by building a message framework, which identifies your key messages and point of view and your target audiences. We identify the benefits of your audiences to take action,  which could  be to learn more, attend an event, buy something, volunteer or donate.  

This core message framework can be leveraged into employee communications, marketing and public relations, sales enablement, customer and investor conversations, and keynote speeches. We can also help you arm your leaders and your front line to confidently share this  message and call to action in a way that is comfortable and believable.

This is strategic communications

 in action.

HelpING Customers BUY

Message To Move People To ACTION

HelpING Customers BUY


The fastest path to revenue and impact  is to give your customers exactly what they need at every step in order to make a decision to move forward.  

Increasingly, more of the buying process is achieved on line, and "face-to-face" aspects of their journey are delivered by diverse teams across many geographies. The result is that there are many opportunities for customers to be confused or frustrated.  

We help you map your customer's experience as they go through the entire buying journey, whether their online experience or their interface with your team. Together, we identify any gaps or opportunities to improve your customers' 

buying experience. 

We can then arm your front line with the information and tools  and skills they need  to confidently guide your customers to action.

AligNING to Execute

ManagING Go-to-Market Risk

HelpING Customers BUY


“Building a visionary organization requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment.”  Collins and Porras, 

Built to Last


Even great strategies can fail when conceived in the corner office and disconnected from the rest of the organization. 

We  work with you and your management team to uncover areas you may not be aligned, and the implications. 

We then help you build and implement a plan to ensure your entire organization - as well as your partners -understand the strategy and their roles in in it. 

Our methodology ensures you have the foundational building blocks in place  so that your strategy is sustainable, and that 

your team is able to execute in unison.

ManagING Go-to-Market Risk

ManagING Go-to-Market Risk

ManagING Go-to-Market Risk


Whether you are a CEO or Executive Director, a General Manager, a member of the Board or an investor,  you want to see a path to ROI and impact.  

However, the risks of go-to-market for new initiatives are often poorly managed.  This can lead to costly confusion,  delays in customer acquisition, and missed revenue targets. It can also result in frustration for everyone involved. 

Our systematic go-to-market risk management process helps you identify the critical success factors for 

your new initiative, and keeps them front and center. Our risk mitigation review process monitors current and new risks, and positions your team  to be aligned to execute and able to make early course corrections. The result is successful execution, improved return on investment, and ethical and sustainable solutions for your employees, partners and the community you serve.

Let's Get Started

ManagING Go-to-Market Risk

ManagING Go-to-Market Risk


 We start by understanding your unique situation, and identifying the biggest opportunities for near term impact. 

Our offerings include assessments, 

 workshops and team sessions, speaker services and custom engagements. We also provide interim management services, effectively serving as an extended senior member of your management team to tackle tough projects while helping you 

build your team's skills. 

Consulting Services include:

Go-to-Market Risk Assessments

Market Positioning Workshops

Customer Experience Jouney Planning

Innovation Sessions 

 Risk Assessments for JV's & Partnerships

Keynote Speaking, Panel Moderation

Custom Engagements 

We Serve Organizations and Leaders Making an Impact




 We formed this company to help 

purpose-driven leaders create greater impact as they work to strengthen communities 

and save lives.

We are committed to supporting the professional development of these leaders to tackle  some of the world's toughest challenges.

Ten percent of all gross revenues of Go to Market Impact LLC are invested in

organizations that build up purpose-driven leaders. 

Some of the organizations we have invested in include: 

The Nehemiah Project 

Friends of 9-1-1 Scholarship Foundation

Institute of Faith Work and Economics 

We Raise Foundation 

Hillsdale College

  If you are building up leaders to make a difference in this world, and interested in applying  for angel investment in your organization, contact  


Speaking Opportunities




To spur thinking and move people to action,  you may want to have a professional speaker or moderator be part of your next event. 

Our founder, Susan Schramm, serves as a keynote speaker or moderator for many industry and leadership development venues.  On a select basis, Susan also speaks on a pro-bono basis for educational and community programs. 


If you are interested in having Susan Schramm speak or moderate an event for your  organization, contact  


1:1 Coaching


1:1 Coaching


On a select basis, 

we provide 1:1 coaching and mentoring for purpose-driven  leaders who are seeking  to make a greater impactand develop more effective go-to-market strategies 

for their organizations  ----

 or for their own careers. 

To explore 1 :1 coaching, 

 please contact  


1:1 Coaching