A unique 4-session intensive course designed to help leaders of 

non-profits and associations avoid the most common mistakes and get results faster when introducing new initiatives!

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Early Bird Registration is January 10

Deadline for Registration is January  17

Workshops Kick Off on Friday, January 24

De-Risk and Accelerate Your Impact Executive Summary (pdf)


De-Risk and Accelerate Your Impact FAQ (pdf)


Course Curriculum Overview (pdf)


Does this Sound TOO Familiar?

  • You are a leader of an organization with an important mission
  • You are taking a new initiative to market and encountering
    • Uncertainty and hand-wringing about a new approach  -- even among some supporters
    • Questions about how your initiative aligns with your mission 
    • Inconsistent expectations across your board and staff
  • You are challenged getting support of your diverse stakeholders
  • You are getting frustrated (and a little stressed!) about making sure this high-stakes initiative goes well 

Creating Alignment Will Accelerate Your Impact

What if (in only four sessions) You Could...?

  • Systematically identify some of the biggest risks of introducing a new initiative,  and learn proven ways to address them 
  • Understand ways to gain the support of key stakeholders (even people who don't work for you!) 
  • Have the opportunity to develop professionally and learn from go-to-market experts as well as leaders in a similar situation
  • Have someone in your corner to help you assess your initiative and identify what you need right now to move forward confidently

De-Risk Your Initiative!

This course was designed for leaders of non-profits and associations taking new initiatives to market who want to get results faster. 

Successful Execution is All About People

 Hi, I’m Susan Schramm. I help changemakers get traction faster and accelerate results. I spent most of my career in the technology industry taking big ideas to market -- new programs, new products, new services and even new companies. It involved a lot of geeky talk and acronyms.

My frustration was how often these global organizations fell in love with the WHAT (their  wonderful new solution) but did NOT focus enough on the WHO, the PEOPLE who need to understand and take action for new initiatives to be successful.

The business consequences can be ugly: costly delays, missed revenue commitments, programs canceled. And the people costs are high as well: employees unprepared and stressed out, leaders frustrated, careers negatively impacted, the organization embarrassed, and customers confused and losing trust.

In my work with mission-led organizations - whether as a board member or volunteer, as an executive on staff, or as a consultant -- I meet many inpiring leaders very committed to their MISSION. They may lead associations, non-profits, municipalities, faith-based communities, or social impact for-profit companies.

Yet, I find mission-led leaders, too, can underestimate the needs of PEOPLE involved with a new initiative . The result is that initiatives get stuck, commitments missed, people get frustrated, and the credibility of the organization can be hurt. 

This is especially true for established organizations that need to change direction – and need the board, staff, members, donors, volunteers and partners to change  with them.  The mission impact can be delayed -- but more importantly, good people who were committed to the mission end up abandoning ship.

Susan Schramm,
Go to Market Impact LLC Founder
Susan Schramm, Go to Market Impact LLC Founder

From Frustration to a Big Idea

whAT IF these mistakes can be avoided?

The keys to getting traction when you take a new initiative to market are not magic! But when they are applied systematically, they work. People know what you’re trying to achieve and how it aligns with your mission. People know what to do and take action. People are not fearful. Expectations are aligned. Individuals and communities are better served. Outcomes are achieved.

One day it hit me: What if these leaders were able to consistently avoid the most common mistakes when taking new initiatives to market, and more confidently lead? Couldn’t we accelerate the impact of mission-led organizations and change the world for the better – faster?

That’s why I launched my firm, Go to Market Impact. And that’s why this course, “How to De-Risk and Accelerate Your Impact,” was created-- to help leaders of mission-led organizations like you get traction faster and confidently achieve results. 

De-Risk and Accelerate Your IMpact IN 2020

An intensive Program


 A course that will challenge your thinking and help you achieve your mission.  

A  time-effective way for you to identify potential problems early and put a plan in place to de-risk them. 



  •  Interactive virtual  workshops
  •  Hands-on exercises 
  • A community of like-minded leaders
  • Individualized consulting



 An opportunity to learn proven tools and methodologies for introducing new initiatives and then systematically apply them for your own organization.  This is also an opportunity for professional development in a supportive environment.





 6 hours of interactive virtual training over three sessions, in a small group setting 

led by an experienced go-to-market expert




Hands-on assignments  that enable you to apply your learnings directly to your own initiative  

Go To Market Toolkit


Practical resources you can use immediately and share with your team to :

1) Position to create an "ah-hah!"  

2) Communicate to move people to action 

3) Identify possible "potholes" in the customer  journey

Networking and Masterminds


  Learn from and network with like-minded leaders without having to incur the cost of travel



Challenge your thinking and try out new approaches in an encouraging fun 




An individualized consulting session from an experienced go-to-market expert to prescriptively help you tune your initiative.


An Investment WITH ROI

The fee is $997, which is an abbreviated version of the full course  (that will be priced at $2997 when introduced.) By participating in this abbreviated program, you will be receiving more direct support and are agreeing to provide feedback during and at the end of the course to help shape the program. (Teams of 3 or more are eligible for a 20% discount.)

Your return on investment can be significant. For about the cost of one business trip, this course provides you tools that can help you improve a variety of outcomes: from increasing attendance to membership to donations and sponsorships, to avoiding unnecessary costs and wasted time.

Even slight  improvement in the alignment of your extended team in executing your initiative can improve your "outcome per teammate,” which can often result in double-digit ROI for your organization. 

Finally you have  the opportunity for "personal ROI" as you invest in yourself to learn and develop professionally. 

THIS Program WILL Move You Forward...

So that’s how this works.  It is a unique 4-session program that helps you to de-risk your big initiative to accelerate your mission impact. The next course starts January 24th and the cost is $997 (with a 20% discount for teams of 3 or more). We’re accepting a maximum of 10 people. Join us!


Enroll Today!

Enroll 3 or more and receive a discount

Enroll three or more people in this course and get the discounted rate of $797.00 per person( 20% off) 



 The 5 Top Mistakes that organizations make when introducing a new initiative and trying to get adoption in the market 

Unique Challenges of mission-led organizations making a change  – and how successful leaders have overcome them

The Four Crucial Questions  you must be able to answer to clarify your positioning 

A Proven Process to Build Your Messages to move people to Action and improve how you communicate with  staff, board, members, donors and sponsors, partners and suppliers, volunteers and those you serve  

A Straightforward Method to Anticipate risks down the road and be able to build a plan to address them 

OUR Guarantee


We want you to be successful! If you attend the program and actively engage and do the homework, you will walk out of this course with information to help you de-risk your plan to addresses the most common go-to-market risks.  You will also have proven tools you can use personally and with your organization in the future.

If after completing the course you are not satisfied that you’ve learned how to de-risk your plan, we will provide you a free 1:1 Course Correction consultation and allow you to repeat the course again, free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I take this with my team? 

In fact, taking this course with the cross-functional team responsible for driving your new initiative will directly improve your results! There is a 20% discount for teams of 3 or more. 

Is this a business course? 

This course focuses on what you need to do to accelerate results for a new initiative. It leverages concepts that have been proven in the for-profit marketplace as well as in non-profit and social good environments. These concepts are grounded in strategy, product management, sales and marketing, communications, change management, organizational behavior and brain science. 

What roles should attend? 

This program is designed for leaders who have ownership for driving results and are responsible for the outcome of a new initiative for their organization. Titles may vary – but accountability for bottom-line results and measurable outcomes is the key.

Is the course appropriate if we're just starting to frame our new initiative? 

The earlier you identify the critical elements of your go to market plan, the stronger your plan – and your buy in -- will be. The opportunity to participate with other leaders who may be further down the road with their initiatives will provide instructive insights. While the course may require more homework if you are just starting out, in four sessions you’ll have a set of building blocks that you can feel more confident in. 

Our initiative is already launched – but stalled. Is this course still relevant? 

De-risking an initiative is never done. One of the fastest ways to get a stalled initiative back on track is to evaluate the key risks and build a corrective plan. This course is an accelerated way to build a corrective plan while gaining some ‘outside in” perspective of industry experts and other leaders in a similar situation.

I can’t attend one of the workshops. What if I fall behind? 

Each of the workshops is recorded, so you always have the opportunity to go back and listen to the content, and catch up with the homework for the next week.  Even people who attend each sesssion can use these recordings to go back and review the concepts covered at any time.

Will I walk out of the course with a detailed implementation plan? 

The tools and best practices you will be introduced to, along with the homework you complete throughout the program, will provide you with important building blocks that are INPUT for planning or adapting a variety of your go to market activities including: marketing communications, an social media plans, fund-raising, partner and channel management, organizational alignment, internal communications, and supplier management. You will have identified risks in your current plans and a way to mitigate that risk. You may also flag some gaps in your strategy that need more work to ensure a successful outcome. 

How much time is required? 

A fully engaged student will invest 12-15 hours over the four-sessions to be able to apply the content of the course and get the benefit. Online “class time” is about 2 hours per workshop for three weeks, followed by a one-hour 1:1 consultation at the end of the course. 

However, the true value of this course comes from the time you invest applying the concepts we discuss. The pre-assignment and  three homework assignments are each targeted to take approximately one hour. Enthusiastic students will also want to do the optional readings, and get input from others as they complete their homework assignments, which of course will take longer.  

Questions about how to De-Risk Your Initiative?
Questions about how to De-Risk Your Initiative?
Achieving your initiative

Enroll Now


  • The registration deadline is January 17th. We are accepting a maximum of 10 participants, to keep the program highly interactive. 
  • All those who register by the Early Bird Deadline January 10th will receive an extra 1:1 consulting session free of charge.
  • Upon registering you will receive an email with an onboarding questionnaire asking about the specifics of your initiative.
  • You'll start the process of de-risking as soon as you complete the onboarding questionnaire, with a pre-assignment you'll  bring to the first workshop. 
  • Workshops will be held on Fridays January 24, January 31 and February 7. Sessions will be held at 1PM-3PM EST/10AM-12PM PST using Zoom videoconferencing and will be recorded for those who cannot attend. 
  • Your 1:1 consulting session will be individually scheduled after you 've completed the workshops.

Leadership Requires Action

Taking a high stakes initiative to market requires not only a good strategy – but also good leadership. It requires a well thought out plan that aligns people to execute. It can be rewarding – but challenging! This unique course is a practical way for you to systematically apply proven go to market principals to more confidently lead. It also is an investment in yourself. I look forward to working with you!

Warm regards,

Susan Schramm

Founder, Go to Market Impact LLC


P.S.I realize that this is a big decision. But I want you to ask yourself: If you don’t take this course, what else are you doing to minimize the risks of your initiative? Your mission is too important and the time and energy you are putting in is too great to not have done everything you can to make it successful. I hope to hear from you soon.  If you would like to discuss your specific situation, contact me to set up a call at  susan.schramm@gotomarketimpact.com 

Susan Schramm
Susan Schramm

De-Risk and Accelerate Your Impact Executive Summary (pdf)


De-Risk and Accelerate Your Initiative Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)


Course Curriculum Overview (pdf)